Viral Video Accident occurred again on the Casablanca Non-Toll Flyover, See the Full Review Below


[ad_1] – Not long ago there was a viral video. An accident occurred again on the Casablanca Non-Toll Flyover (JLNT), South Jakarta.

The video of the accident went viral on social media last Tuesday (27/6/2023).

This accident occurred when a group of teenagers were in a convoy and crossed JLNT Casablanca.

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The victim was seen lying on the road, several motorists parked their motorbikes to see the victim’s condition.

However, a number of other motorists were seen leaving the scene immediately.

Head of Laka Ditlantas Polda Metro Jaya, Kompol Diella Kartika, explained that this incident started when a motorbike rider, whose identity was unknown, was heading from west to east at JLNT Casablanca.

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Arriving in front of Mall Ambasador, the motorcyclist crashed into the back of a Honda Vario driven by SA.

“Then SA fell to the right and was hit by a Honda Vario 160 vehicle driven by RS, a Yamaha Aerox vehicle driven by AS and a Honda Vario vehicle driven by MAF, then fell,” said Diella.

This incident resulted in SA immediately lying down and died at the scene.

Unfortunately, even though similar incidents have occurred, there are still many motorcyclists who continue to cross the Casablanca non-toll flyover (JLNT).

In fact, in early June 2023, a driver with the initials D (21) also died after being involved in a single accident at JLNT Casablanca.

However, it seems that motorcyclists do not care about the risks that can occur, ranging from being fined by the police to the risk of a fatal accident.

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