The People’s Agenda in the 2024 Presidential Election Must Be Adapted to the Geopolitical Situation


[ad_1] – General Chair of the Indonesian People’s Wave Party (Gelora) Anis Matta emphasized that the public agenda in the 2024 presidential election (Pilpres) must be adjusted to the geopolitical context.

“Why, because right now we are facing a very chaotic situation. Our world is really in a very messy mess, under the threat of war,” said Anis Matta, Tuesday 25 July 2023.

Anis Matta said that the dominance of the United States (US) as a global power is slowly declining. This causes a supremacy conflict, and triggers a fundamental crisis such as the economy, food and energy.

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“We are not frightening, but we are talking about reality. Where is this geopolitical situation, will change the entire global battle, while in the midst of this very chaotic situation, there is the 2024 Presidential Election. Then, how do we deal with it,” said Anis Matta.

According to Anis Matta, Islam has taught about the importance of understanding the geopolitical situation, namely when there was an order for revelation in the Qur’an, Surat Ar-Rum in the 7th year of the prophethood of Rasulullah SAW.

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“The number of Muslims at that time was still in the tens and try to imagine Rasulullah SAW suddenly getting a revelation about another nation that was in power at that time, namely the Romans,” he said.

Allah SWT, said Anis Matta, had taught the fight of the two great nations at that time, namely the Persians and Romans. In the course of history, Muslims will meet a nation whose name is Roman.

“And about 6 years after the revelation of Surat Ar-Rum, the Islamic Ummah met in war with the Romans. This means that there is a lesson in aqidah and faith in lessons about geopolitics,” he said.

Anis Matta assessed that Allah SWT wanted to convey a very strong message about life lessons in politics to Muslims.

“Now, if we bring it into the current geopolitical context, it will certainly be a challenge for the whole nation. Because every nation will try to survive,” he said.

Therefore, this is where the importance of the public agenda is fought for so that the resulting leaders can understand the geopolitical situation and be able to respond to global challenges.

“But politically, Muslims are still facing mindset problems, narrative problems and leadership problems. This is our obstacle in setting the community agenda,” he said.

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