President Joko Widodo Responds Regarding Airlangga Hartarto Being Examined by the Attorney General’s Office as a Witness in the CPO Export Case


[ad_1] – The Coordinating Minister for the Economy of the Republic of Indonesia Airlangga Hartarto was questioned by the Attorney General’s Office (Kejagung) as a witness in the case of the export of crude palm oil (CPO) or raw material for cooking oil.

During a visit to Malang City, President Joko Widodo responded to this.

“Yes, we must respect the legal process everywhere. At the Corruption Eradication Committee, the Police, the Attorney General’s Office, we must respect it,” he said.

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Airlangga Hartarto was summoned as a witness by the Attorney General’s Office regarding the CPO export case last Tuesday (18/7/2023).

However, in that first call, Airlangga Hartarto was not present.

From there the AGO again sent a summons letter to Airlangga Hartarto.

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The Golkar chairman finally attended the second summons on Monday (24/7/2023) yesterday morning.

In the CPO export case, the judge has named 5 suspects who are believed to have been legally proven to have jointly committed the criminal act of corruption.

The five suspects are former Director General of Foreign Trade of the Indonesian Ministry of Trade (Kemendag) Indra Sari Wisnu Wardhana.

Then Weibinanto Halimdjati alias Lin Che Wei, Indonesian citizen Commissioner, Master Parulian Tumanggor.

Then there is PT VAL’s Senior Manager of Corporate Affairs, Stanley MA; and General Manager (GM) of PT MM’s General Affair Section, Pierre Togar Sitanggang.()

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