Islam cannot be clashed with Indonesianness


[ad_1] – Indonesianness is characterized by pluralism. Differences in ethnicity, religion, language and others. Therefore, to become Indonesia, one must affirm, accept that pluralism, diversity.

Religion must be the glue that holds the differences in society. Religion should not divide the nation’s children

Thoughts on renewal of Indonesian Islam Prof. Dr. Nurcholish Madjid or Cak Nur (1939-2005) is still relevant in the life of the nation and state.

For Cak Nur, Islam, Indonesianness and modernity are one breath away.

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A Muslim today is capable of being a good and modern Indonesian. There should be no clash between Islam and Indonesianness. Tolerance, moderation, inclusiveness must be maintained in the life of a pluralistic nation and state.

Head of the Masters Program in Islamic Studies at Paramadina University, Dr. M. Subhi-Ibrahim explained, Muslims must play an active role, together with people of other religions, building civilization. Civilization is supported by the pillars of religion, philosophy, economics and science.

Reflecting on classical Muslims, they were able to create a high civilization because they had self-confidence and an inclusive attitude. This self-confidence was born from religious appreciation.

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They believe that only God is absolute. Relative human. Therefore, there is no need for inferiority or fear. Because, basically, humans are egalitarian, equal before God.

“An inclusive or open attitude is needed so that we can absorb what is good from existing civilization so that we can inherit this civilization,” he said in Jakarta, Thursday, June 29, 2023.

According to Subhi-Ibrahim, what should not be ignored is the role of young people in the work of civilization.

According to him, the intellectual tradition needs to be revived. Educated people should not be in an ivory tower, isolated from national and religious issues. They must be actively involved in efforts to realize the ideals of the common good.

“That is what Cak Nur exemplifies,” he continued.

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