The Vice President Asks the Supreme Court to Issue Rules Regarding the Rules for the Fate of Children of Different Religious Parents


[ad_1] – The Supreme Court issued a MA Circular Letter (SEMA) prohibiting judges from legalizing interfaith marriages.

Vice President Ma’ruf Amin asked the Supreme Court to issue a rule regarding the fate of children of two parents of different religions.

“Regarding the fate of their children, I will ask the Supreme Court to determine their status according to state law, what will we be like, and ask the Supreme Court to decide what has already been determined later, whether it will be cancelled, whether it will be given some kind of recognition later from a legal perspective, the Supreme Court,” said Vice President Ma’ruf Amin, Monday 24 July 2023.

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It is known that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court issued SEMA Number 2 of 2023 concerning Guidelines for Judges in Trying Cases for Requests for Registration of Inter-Religious Marriages of Different Religions and Beliefs. The contents of the circular prohibit judges from granting requests for interfaith marriages.

“Regarding the prohibition, the (MA) circular has been completed which yesterday became a kind of debate, the court may or may not determine, according to the Supreme Court circular it means that it may no longer be enacted,” said the Vice President.

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Meanwhile, in terms of whether the marriage was legal or not, Vice President Ma’ruf handed it over to the organizations of each religion.

“In terms of whether it is legal or not, it is in each religion. Maybe from the Islamic religion there is the Ulema Council, later on Christianity there will be KWI, PGI, and also other religions. From what has already been done, I ask the Supreme Court to determine the fate that has been registered, whether given or cancelled because it does not comply with the regulations held or made by the Supreme Court,” said the Vice President. ()

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