Apart from shaking Central Sulawesi, an earthquake also occurred in Pacitan with a magnitude of 5.7, here’s how to anticipate an earthquake


BONSERNEWS.com – An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.7 shook the Pacitan area, East Java, Sunday night (23/7/2023), at 19:33:25 WIB.

The BMKG website said the location of the Pacitan earthquake was at 8.94 South Latitude, 111.04 East Longitude (84 km Southwest of Pacitan, East Java), with a depth of 10 km.

“Feels in Jogja,” said a netizen. The earthquake has no potential for a tsunami.

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However, residents are advised to remain vigilant against the possibility of aftershocks.

There has been no damage information until this news was released.

Here’s what to do before and after an earthquake.

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– Make sure that the structure and location of your house can be protected from hazards caused by earthquakes, such as landslides or liquefaction.

Evaluate and renovate your building structure to avoid earthquake hazards.

– Get to know the environment in which you work: pay attention to the location of doors, elevators and fire escapes.

Also know where the safest place is to take shelter.

– Learn to do first aid and fire extinguisher.

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