The Bantul Police Create a New Concept for Making SIM C Practice Exams for Motorcyclists, Check Out the Reviews


[ad_1] – The Bantul Resort Police (Polres), Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) created a new concept for the practice exam for making a driving license (SIM) C for motorcyclists.

In this new concept of the Bantul Police SIM C practice test, participants do not need to go through zig-zag lines and number eight lines.

The Head of the Bantul Police, Adjunct Senior Commissioner of Police (AKBP) Ihsan explained, the new concept of the SIM C exam emphasizes driving competence from three aspects, namely knowledge, skills and behavior.

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In addition, the SIM exam is a means of educating residents about traffic signs.

He explained, the SIM C practice exam so far was not linear with the theory exam which discussed road markings, traffic signs, and so on.

“During practice, so far it has been more about skills (skills), how to get past the eighth figure, then zig-zag,” said AKBP Ihsan.

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Ihsan also assessed that the new concept of the two-wheeled motorbike driver’s license practice test was more practical than the exam currently being implemented.

This is because the practice exam will be carried out in a series.()

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