Former Private Secretary Ferdy Sambo, Can Feel Gathering With Family, He Is Officially declared Free

0 – Ferdy Sambo’s former private secretary, Chuck Putranto, is said to have immediately gathered with his family.

He can while on vacation after being officially declared free from prison.

This was explained by Chuck Putranto’s attorney, Jhonnya Manurung.

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He admitted that he did not know the details of Chuck Putranto’s whereabouts at this time.

“It seems like you’re on vacation, immediately take a break with your family,” said Jhonny.

Jhonny emphasized that Chuck Putranto was declared unconditionally free from prison.

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Because Chuck Putranto received the Assimilation of Covid-19.

“If you assimilate, Covid will be free right away, right, reduction, reduction of sentences,” explained Jhonny.

For your information, Chuck Putranto has been officially released from detention.

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