Pity! 4 Months Pregnant Woman Abused by Her Husband in Serpong, Police Release the Perpetrators!



BONSERNEWS.com – A shocking incident of domestic violence occurred in the Serpong area, where a woman who was 4 months pregnant became a victim of abuse by her husband.

Although the wife’s family reported the incident to the police, the husband was only temporarily detained and then released on the grounds of “light maltreatment”. The police stated that this was only a case of light maltreatment.

This tragic event exposed the injustice in the handling of cases of domestic violence in Indonesia.

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Even though the victim was a pregnant woman and had been seriously injured, the legal action taken against the perpetrator appeared to be inadequate.

According to the reports received, the victim was badly beaten and put on the ground by her own husband.

As a result of this incident, he suffered serious injuries and required intensive medical treatment. The victim’s family quickly reported this incident to the local police, hoping that the perpetrator would be prosecuted according to applicable law.

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However, the victim’s family was disappointed when the husband was only temporarily detained and then released on the grounds that the persecution was considered light.

This decision raises questions about fair law enforcement and providing adequate protection for victims of domestic violence.

Cases of domestic violence are a serious problem and require strict handling from the authorities.

The Law on the Protection of Women and Children must be enforced seriously to protect victims and provide them with the justice they deserve.

Acts of domestic violence not only harm the individual victim, but also damage the social order and threaten family security. Therefore, it is very important for the authorities, including the police, to take firm action in dealing with cases of domestic violence and ensure that the perpetrators receive the punishment they deserve.

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