Celebrity Meylisa Zaara’s Divorce Chronology: Experiencing domestic violence after she caught her husband cheating on her with a marriage witness



BONSERNEWS.com – On July 8, 2023, celebrity Meylisa Zaara and her attorneys held a shocking press conference.

Meylisa Zaara revealed that she had experienced domestic violence (KDRT) after she caught her husband, known by the initials RK, having an affair with a man.

The domestic violence incident occurred when Meylisa Zaara tried to ask her husband’s reason for the suspicious messages.

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However, instead of giving an explanation RK gets angry and attacks Meylisa Zaara hard.

He grabbed Meylisa Zaara’s hair until it was pulled out, while Meylisa Zaara’s hand was also grabbed by RK’s nails, causing an injury to her left hand.

In fact, Meylisa Zaara hit her head when she tried to free herself from her husband’s grip.

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(Bonsernews.com/ Instagram@meylisazaara)

Meylisa Zaara initially married RK in a blissful atmosphere. RK is a successful entrepreneur with a thriving business, earning tens of millions of rupiah per day.

In addition, RK also has high-paid endorsements, collaborating with various cosmetic and skin care brands. Their wedding was held in a lavish manner by combining Javanese and international themes.

However, after a few months of marriage, Meylisa Zaara begins to find signs of RK’s infidelity through intimate messages with other men.

RK’s business success and popularity seem to have got him entangled in an unhealthy lifestyle.

Meylisa Zaara feels trapped in a life drama designed by her husband, where she has to follow attitudes she doesn’t like, such as excessive sharing on social media.

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