Leader of a Islamic Boarding School in West Sulawesi Detained Due to Alleged Obscenity Against Same-Sex Students



BONSERNEWS.com – Polewali Mandar, 14 July 2023 – The Polewali Mandar Resort Police (Polres Polman) have arrested Zulfikar, a leader of the Heaven Religion Islamic Boarding School, for allegedly committing sexual harassment against same-sex students.

The Polman District Police revealed new facts related to the obscenity case carried out by the leadership of the Islamic boarding school.

Zulfikar has admitted to committing sexual immorality, citing his desire for the same sex.

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This was revealed after an examination by a psychologist from the West Sulawesi Regional Police on July 10, 2023, which also showed Zulfikar’s sexual disorder.

The Head of the Women and Children Protection Unit (PPA) Polman Polres, Ipda Mulyono, explained that even though Zulfikar had a greater sexual inclination towards men, he was still able to have intimate relations with women.

Although currently there are only reports of one victim, Head of Criminal Investigation Unit Polman, I Gusti Bagus Wardana, revealed that it is likely that the number of victims will increase following the investigation of Zulfikar.

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At a press conference held by the police on Tuesday, 11 July 2023, Zulfikar appeared in a different appearance than when he was first arrested.

When he was first arrested, he was wearing a long robe, a black vest, and a purple cap.

However, when he was presented as a suspect at the press conference, he was seen wearing a black shirt, an orange prison vest and a black cap (cap).

In the results of an examination by a psychologist from the West Sulawesi Regional Police, it was revealed that Ustaz Zulfikar had sexual disorders. Zulfikar admitted that he committed sexual immorality because he was motivated by his lust for the same sex.

The examination was carried out in the Women and Children Protection Unit (PPA) room of the Polman Police on Monday afternoon, 10 July 2023.

In this case, the police plan to apply Article 82 of the Child Protection Act, which prohibits anyone from committing violence or threats of violence, coercing, using manipulation tactics, or seducing children to commit obscene acts.

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