Muslims Asked to Defend Anwar Abbas


[ad_1] — The former chairman of the Indonesian Regional Representative Council (DPD), Irman Gusman, called on Muslims to defend the Deputy Chairman of the MUI. who is also the Chairman of PP Muhammadiyah, Anwar Abbas, from a civil lawsuit filed by Panji Gumllang.

This was conveyed by Irman in response to a civil lawsuit by the leadership of Al-Zaytun Panji Gumilang against Anwar Abbas. The chairman of PP Muhammadiyah was sued for Rp. 1 trillion because Panji Gumilang felt cornered and humiliated by Anwar Abbas’s statement that he was a communist.

“What Buya Anwar (Anwar Abbas’s nickname) is doing is to ensure that there are no deviations from Islamic teachings and benefits for the nation and state,” said Irman, Thursday, July 13, 2023.

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Irman explained, currently, Panji Gumilang and Al-Zaitun are in the spotlight of Islamic figures and mass organizations because of alleged deviations from Islamic teachings. Among the questions about the prayer rows that are spaced apart in non-emergency conditions, women are in the front row of congregational prayers, mentioning the Prophet saying in the Koran, Jewish greetings in the mosque, and so on.

“What Buya Anwar did was to stop these irregularities. So if later Buya Anwar is sued because of his struggle against deviations from Islamic teachings, then Muslims must defend him,” said the candidate for DPD member for the 2024-2029 period from the West Sumatra electoral district.

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Irman assessed that Panji Gumilang’s firm stance against deviations was because, as a Muhammadiyah cadre, Anwar Abbas had to take a firm stance against deviations from Islamic teachings. “So far it has been proven that Muhammadiyah together with NU (Nahdlatul Ulama) always maintain Islamic teachings and become the pillars of the nation,” said Irman.

Irman explained, so far, Muhammadiyah has proven to be an Islamic mass organization that contributes a lot to various aspects of nationalism. Starting from education, health, social, to the economy.

In 2018 alone, in the field of education, Muhammadiyah has built 2,604 elementary schools, 1,722 junior high schools/equivalent, 1,291 high schools/equivalent, 160 Islamic boarding schools, and 177 campuses or institutions. In the field of da’wah, Muhammadiyah is not only engaged in mosques, but also through the media with the presence of TVMU. Meanwhile, there are 461 hospitals and clinics in the health sector.

In the social sector, 384 orphan/dhuafa foundations have been built, then there is the Community Empowerment Council (MPM), Muhammadiyah Disaster Management Center (MDMC), and others. This number continues to grow from time to time.

“These are Muhammadiyah’s efforts to help the government in various fields. And of course, we can no longer doubt Muhammadiyah’s ability in the field of da’wah and education,” said Irman Gusman.

By looking at the progress that Muhammadiyah has made, Irman suggested that the government should ask Muhammadiyah to be involved in managing and rectifying Al-Zaitun. “If the government does not dissolve Al-Zaytun and intends to repair it, I think Muhammadiyah is right to be involved,” he said.

Irman is optimistic that Muhammadiyah will be able to save Al-Zaytun students and students. “If the Ministry of Religion and the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture (PMK) entrust Muhammadiyah with managing and fostering Al-Zaytun students or santri, I’m sure it will work well,” said Irman. Aqidah irregularities and other deviations, he continued, will be corrected.

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