The Phenomenon of Indonesian Students Becoming Singaporean Citizens, Said a Member of the DPR

0 – The rise of the phenomenon of Indonesian students moving to become Singaporean citizens, citing high income.

Responding to this, Member of the Republic of Indonesia DPR, Rahmad Handoyo asked the Government to improve the employment system in Indonesia to prevent the younger generation from being tempted to become citizens of other countries.

“I think the phenomenon of many of our students changing citizenship is serious enough to pay attention to. This is a big homework, how can the government create healthy employment opportunities, including in terms of wages,” said Rahmad, Friday, July 14, 2023.

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Rahmad said there needed to be a solution to this phenomenon. One of them is by increasing the minimum wage in Indonesia.

“The state must have a breakthrough so that the young generation of achievers are still interested in having a career in this country. One of them is increasing the minimum wage in Indonesia,” he said.

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Rahmad assessed that improvements to the Provincial Minimum Wage (UMP) system needed to be carried out in order to increase income for citizens. The reason why thousands of students choose to change their citizenship is due to higher incomes in Singapore.

“This is our joint homework to be able to create a more attractive labor market for the younger generation so that superior human resources (HR) will not be taken over by other countries, which will have an impact on domestic economic progress,” said Rahmad.

“As a developing country, the government must be able to create jobs that are able to accommodate the young generation of the nation. This is the first step for our country to become a developed country,” he added.

This PDIP politician also highlighted the wage system which is considered unattractive for productive people to meet their needs. Including an orderly and more promising work environment from a career perspective and other welfare factors.

“There is a lot that needs to be fixed regarding domestic employment. Because many of our young human resources are interested in moving citizens so they can work there for various reasons, especially in terms of public services,” explained Rahmad.

The cost of living in Singapore is known to be quite high. However, Indonesian students who choose to move their nationality do not mind it because the income there is also high, plus access to better services than Indonesia.

Access to these services starts from the health sector, easy public transportation, to a maintained environment. For this reason, according to Rahmad, there are many things that need to be fixed in order to attract the younger generation to continue to choose to work in their homeland.

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