McDonald’s Indonesia ‘GAET’ Female singer group from South Korea, NewJeans, let’s look at this review

0 McDonald’s Indonesia (MCD) teamed up with a girl group from South Korea and the current generation Z icon, NewJeans, for their newest campaign.

The collaboration entitled “NewJeans Chicken Dance Campaign” is hoped to be enjoyed by chicken fans as well as their passion for NewJeans.

Several programs were carried out, namely special packaging and merchandise, “McDonaldsxNewJeans Special Gift”, and “Chicken Dance Competition.”

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The “NewJeans Chicken Dance Campaign” program will take place in Indonesia during the period July 12-August 27 2023.

“Hopefully this NewJeans Chicken Dance Campaign can be memorable and become a special memory for all McDonald’s fans and also Bunnies (the name for the NewJeans fandom) in Indonesia,” said McDonald’s Indonesia Marketing Director Caroline Kurniadjaja.

The NewJeans Chicken Dance Campaign brought the message “A whole new crispiness that makes us dance, a whole new Chicken World” to the collaboration.

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In this program, apart from being an advertisement star, there are also special packages for purchasing certain menus, including a menu category called K-Meals.

The packaging features NewJeans’ signature rabbit character which makes the packaging even more unique.

Menus that are included in the K-Meals category are Large McSpicy Packages, Large McNuggets Packages

Then the Large-sized Special PaNas, and the Large-sized PaNas Wings.

Apart from that, this collaboration also provides post cards or stickers to every customer who buys K-Meals. The stickers and post cards have different designs and shapes every week during the collaboration period.

Meanwhile, during the NewJeans Chicken Dance Campaign program there is a special offer “McDonaldsxNewJeans,” which is a special prize imported directly from South Korea.

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