Jabodebek LRT will start trial July 12, 2023 with a tariff of Rp. 1, Observations Remind LRT Users’ Safety



BONSERNEWS.com – Jabodebek LRT will start trials on July 12, 2023.

This operation is the first time for the general public.

The Jabodebek LRT fare during the trial period is only IDR 1.

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It is hoped that people will be interested in using the newest mass transportation.

Transportation Observer Djoko Setijowarno highlighted the safety issues for LRT users during the trial period.

The reason is that there was an LRT accident a few years ago.

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“I think yesterday’s accident was the best lesson, maybe if there wasn’t an accident it would be considered a success even though it wasn’t,” said Djoko.

Therefore, the matter of passenger safety needs to be improved even more.

Safety information can be provided in the form of video or written displays both in the station room and inside the LRT train itself.

On the other hand, Djoko also highlighted public access to the Jabodebek LRT. According to him, public transportation is not properly considered.

“For now, the important thing is not only accidents and safety but also regarding how people access to the LRT station that needs attention, this is to see the success of the LRT. So, LRT is not only from the train, but how can people from home have access to go to the station, because if you bring a car at the station, the parking is narrow,” said Djoko.

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