UNLOCKED! The figure of a cowboy motorbike shoots into the air when there is a traffic jam, see the review



BONSERNEWS.com – It was revealed that the figure of a cowboy motorbike fired shots into the air when it was jammed on the Puncak or Bukit Pelangi alternative road in a viral video that was widely circulated.

The cowboy motorbike was in action on Jalan Raya Cijayanti, Babakan Madang District, Bogor Regency, West Java (West Java).

The video of the cowboy motorcyclist shooting with an air soft gun went viral following the upload of a number of social media accounts.

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When he opened fire, the man even admitted that he was a member of the TNI who served at the Kramat Jati Koramil, East Jakarta.

However, after the viral video of him circulating widely, the figure of the cowboy motorbike shooting into the air was finally revealed.

His figure is a man with the initials ID who is a private employee in Jakarta.

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The cowboy motorbike that fired the air soft gun also appeared in the viral video of his apology, Monday (10/07/2023).

After that incident, the perpetrator who shot on the alternative road to Puncak or Bukit Pelangi was taken to the police station.

The cowboy motorbike underwent an inspection at the Sector Police Headquarters or the Babakan Madang Police, Bogor, West Java Province.

“On behalf of Irfan ***** I hereby wish to apologize,” said the man allegedly a cowboy motorbiker in a viral video on his Instagram account @bogor24update.

“To the extended family of members of 234 SC Kota Bekasi and also media partners,” explained the man who was wearing a black long-sleeved shirt.

He also admitted his mistake for opening fire with an air soft gun type weapon on the Puncak alternative road.

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