With the presence of the Jabodebek LRT, it becomes a new mode of transportation to reduce traffic jams, see the reviews



BONSERNEWS.com.- On the WhatsApp group of his campus alumni community, Dani (33), an employee of a private company in the Jalan Sudirman area who lives in Depok, West Java, wrote briefly.

“Hopefully the presence of the LRT will be a solution to the complicated vehicle traffic jams that he has been experiencing every day.

This is another Dani story. Every day he had to prepare himself to go to the office after dawn to get to the office on time.

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When he returned home, he confirmed that the sun had been lying on the bed for a long time.

The road congestion that has snaked since he left his housing complex all the way to the Depok – Pancoran section of South Jakarta takes 2 to 3 hours.

Not to mention if he walked along the Gatot Subroto protocol road to his office in the Jalan Sudirman area which was no less crowded.

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In total Dani spends 6 hours commuting every day. That is if he uses a two-wheeled vehicle that is ready to get drenched in the rainy season.

If he has to use a car, he cannot calculate the amount of gas and e-toll costs that must be incurred for middle-class employees like himself.

“I can’t afford it, the transportation costs are huge,” he wrote.

Dani’s story may be the experience of everyone who lives in the satellite area of ​​Jakarta.

Using a car or motorcycle is the same as traffic jams.

There is an old solution that has been fought over by many people and is still crowded all the time, namely the Electric Rail Train (KRL).

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