In Commemoration of RI’s Independence Day, Here’s an Exciting and Interesting August 17 Contest, What Are the Contests?

0 – The moment of commemoration of Indonesian Independence Day is often enlivened by various competitions, starting from the RT/RW level to schools and offices.

The purpose of this competition is usually to test the cohesiveness of the residents.

If you are a committee member and are still confused about what to organize, see what are the exciting and interesting competitions on August 17 below.

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The August 17 committee must have arranged several competitions that will be held to celebrate the 77th Indonesian Independence Day.

However, for those of you who haven’t finished determining the list of competitions, you should check out the following August 17 competitions that are no less exciting and lively.

Here is a list that can be your reference:

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1. Areca climbing

Panjat areca nut is one of the most anticipated special competitions on August 17th.

The reason is, this competition requires the teamwork of several people who are required to climb the trunks of areca palms to get lots of attractive prizes.

However, this competition is not easy because the areca tree trunks have been smeared with used oil or other lubricants which makes it difficult for the participants.

If men’s climbing areca nut is considered mainstream, try replacing it with participants who require women to climb the areca tree trunks.

Apart from that, you can also choose the areca climbing option for elementary or junior high school children which is no less exciting and lively.

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