Announcement of SMUP Unpad 2023, 502 Bad Gateway appears, What does it mean and how to check the Announcement of SMUP Unpad 2023?

0 – Announcement of SMUP Unpad 2023, the words 502 Bad Gateway appear.

This incident sparked a heated conversation among netizens in Indonesia.

Curious what caused the announcement of SMPU Unpad 2023, 502 Bad Gateways appeared? Come on, see the full explanation through the following review.

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The appearance of the 502 Bad Gateway when accessing the site in the announcement of SMUP Unpad 2023, caused uproar among netizens in Indonesia.

So, what causes the site page to appear with the description 502 Bad Gateway?

As is well known, today, Friday 21 July 2023, Unpad 2023 independent selection participants are preparing to check the selection results.

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The 2023 Unpad SMUP announcement is scheduled to be seen starting at 17.00 WIB on the announcement

However, from our monitoring, some participants found information on 502 Bad Gateway when accessing

502 Bad Gateway is an HTTP status code indicating that a server acting as a gateway or proxy, received an invalid response from the destination server. This is a temporary error response usually caused by a network or server issue.

Following are some of the causes of the 502 Bad Gateway status code:

Network problem between gateway server and destination server.

The destination server cannot be reached. The destination server is too busy to handle the request.

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