Commission I Welcomes Jokowi’s Efforts to Free Pilot Susi Air Hostage by KKB


[ad_1] – Commission I of the DPR welcomes President Jokowi’s seriousness regarding efforts to free Susi Air pilot Philip Mark Mehrtens who was held hostage by the armed criminal group (KKB) in Papua. He saw the seriousness and seriousness of the Government in resolving the hostage-taking.

“Yes, I see the government’s seriousness and seriousness in rescuing hostages in any way possible. Appreciating one life that is lost happens to be a foreigner. Even if it is felt that giving a ransom, even though I think it is very demeaning to the authority of the state,” said DPR Commission I Member of the Golkar Faction, Bobby Rizaldi, Saturday 8 July 2023.

However, Bobby left it to the government. According to him, this step would also not be a problem if in the end the Susi Air pilot could be saved. He then brought up the United States’ efforts to liberate its citizens from Iran.

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“If the government wants to do this and succeeds in rescuing hostages, then why isn’t it supported? A country like the US in the Iran Contra scandal, to free 52 of its citizens, paid ransom for anti-tank weapons to Iran plus an additional US$40 million, led by George Bush (who was became vice president) with Casey (later becoming director of the CIA) and got Reagan to win the election,” he said.

“And the 52 hostages arrived in the US during Reagan’s inauguration. This was done secretly and became a public scandal. What was said about paying the ransom to the KKB, at least the government is transparent, I respect that,” he continued.

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Even so, Bobby is also sure that the KKB will not dare to kill the Susi Air pilot. However, according to him, the KKB issue cannot be resolved in a half-hearted way like with a humanist pattern.

“But I am very sure that the KKB will not dare to kill the foreigner. Yes, if the government takes responsibility, it’s like asking the military to do their job in a humane approach, it’s difficult, the military must use its best capabilities and defense equipment, don’t be limited like now,” he said.

“If the KKB is dealt with by law enforcement, yes the police are in the front, the TNI must ‘at his best’ have military combat, kill or be killed, with a military combat arsenal, not weapons at the level of law enforcers or the hostage takers. If you face it as a separatist, I think it’s finished, the TNI is indeed training in dealing with this,” he continued. ()

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