Plans to Release Pilot Susi Air, DPR: The State Cannot Be Lost from Criminals


[ad_1] – DPR Commission I member Syarief Hasan warned that the plan to pay a ransom to free Susi Air pilot Philip Mark Mehrtens who was held hostage by KKB Papua could have a negative impact on the country.

It is not impossible, in the future the Papua KKB will repeat similar methods to gain profits. And that means the Indonesian people have submitted to the KKB’s criminal acts.

Instead of giving a ransom, said Syarief Hasan, it would be better for the government to carry out the release operation by deploying more TNI members. Moreover, the reliability of the TNI has been recognized by many groups, including foreign countries. The TNI also often participates in world peace operations, and that shows the capability, expertise and skills of the Indonesian army which are very capable.

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“In history, the prowess of the TNI has been tested. In Pak SBY’s era, for example, the TNI succeeded in freeing 20 hostages of the crew members of the MV Sinar Kudus from the hands of Somali pirates. So to free the Susi Air pilot, the TNI can definitely do this,” said Syarief Hasan, Saturday July 8, 2023.

Because of that, according to Syarief Hasan, the government cannot lose, let alone submit to the wishes of the KKB. The government also does not need to pay ransom, as demanded by the KKB, such as the plan that will be carried out by the Papuan Police Chief Inspector General Mathius D. Fahiri, to end the drama of pilot Susi air hostage. ()

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