After Muhammad Fajri, Obesity Cases Resurfaced in Tangerang City, Check Out the Full Explanatory Review


[ad_1] – Obesity cases have resurfaced in Tangerang City.

Previously, Muhammad Fajri (26) died after 14 days being treated at Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM), Central Jakarta.

This time, a similar case happened to Cipto Raharjo (45), a resident of Kunciran Indah, Pinang.

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Cipto Raharjo, who weighs around 200 kilograms, has been having difficulty walking for the past week.

His health was failing, and he was only able to lie down or sit up.

Cipto Raharjo has been evacuated and treated at the Tangerang City Hospital after his condition worsened.

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Previously, he was still able to move around, but his condition worsened so that he could no longer walk.

Cipto Raharjo revealed that he had been obese since 2015, but recently he was no longer able to walk.

“Since 2015 I have been obese, but I just can’t walk just this week,” said Cipto Raharjo

“It just can’t (walk). It can’t move anymore,” he continued.

Before lying in his room, Cipto Raharjo had worked as a driver and motorcycle taxi driver.

However, his unusual weight made customers reluctant to use his services.

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