Commission III Proposes Electronic Ticket Fines to Be Cut Directly Through the Vehicle Owner’s Account

0 – Member of Commission III of the DPR, Wihadi Wiyanto, questioned the application of driving licenses or international SIMs abroad.

The reason is, he admits that he has an international SIM from Indonesia, but when he wants to rent a vehicle abroad, the SIM is not valid. They still ask for a Local SIM because an International SIM doesn’t have a barcode.

“So maybe the International SIM can be modified to have the same barcode as the Indonesian SIM, sir. So now issuing international SIMs really has a license for that,” said Wihadi, Wednesday 5 July 2023.

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Furthermore, the Gerindra Party politician also highlighted the Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement (ETLE) system abroad. He revealed that when he got ETLE abroad, he didn’t get a ticket. However, when he returned to Indonesia, the ticket fine had been deducted via credit card.

Therefore, he suggested that the electronic ticket fine be connected to the motor vehicle owner’s bank account. This is so that the fine can be directly deducted from the account of the vehicle owner.

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“Is it possible that the name E-Tilang is associated with the account number of the respective vehicle owner, which can immediately deduct the fines that must be paid by the violators,” said Wihadi.

Therefore, the legislator, a member of the DPR Banggar, asked for the E-ticket system to be updated based on the data on the vehicle owner.

“So I say that what is called traffic in the future leads to discipline for all of us in traffic,” he concluded.

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