The Health Bill is Considered to Return the Role of the State in Managing the Health of its People

0 – The Indonesian People’s Wave Party (Gelora) hopes that the Health Omnibus Law Bill which will be passed by the DPR next week can guarantee the independence of medical and health workers in Indonesia.

“We hope that this new Health Bill should be able to guarantee the independence of medical personnel and health workers in Indonesia. This is because the tropical diseases in Indonesia may not necessarily be able to be treated by the diaspora outside,” said dr. Rina Adeline, Chair of the Health Sector, DPN of the Indonesian Gelora Party, Thursday 6 June 2023.

According to Rina, patient health must still be a top priority for health workers and medical staff, even though professional organizations protest this bill, because it is considered to be made too hastily without sufficient socialization.

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“In my opinion, what needs to be watched out for is the possibility of the emergence of absurd power, which leads to even greater financing of state expenditures, because the ships are too big. Then, eliminating partnerships between professional organizations that should be able to work in harmony with the government,” he said.

Therefore, the Gelora Party hopes that this Health Bill will be able to guarantee access to health for the community, such as good health services, cheap and quality medicines and easily accessible vaccines.

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“Then the centers of excellence also need to be expanded so that they are not concentrated in Java. There must be in Papua, Sulawesi, Sumatra, NTT, NTB and others. I’m in NTB now, it turns out it’s empty,” he said.

So that the new Health Bill is able to encourage a good health education climate, and can produce new doctors, besides providing legal certainty and protection for health workers and medical staff.

“These things must be in the Health Bill and must be able to be implemented. The Gelora Party hopes that this bill will guarantee our survival as a nation, of course realizing the dream of making Indonesia a new superpower,” he said.

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