After Harlah’s Title, PKB Starts ‘Gas Pol’ Pursuing Targets in the 2024 Election

0 – The National Awakening Party (PKB) started ‘Gas Pol’ to pursue a number of targets in the upcoming 2024 elections, after holding its 25th anniversary (harlah) in Solo.

PKB Secretary General Hasanuddin Wahid explained a number of targets to be pursued by his party both in the presidential and legislative elections.

For the presidential election scale, PKB will encourage General Chairperson Abdul Muhaimin Iskandar to run as a presidential candidate.

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Meanwhile in the legislative elections, the PKN targets 100 seats in the DPR RI, 500 seats in the Provincial DPRD, and 3,000 seats in the Regency/City DPRD.

To meet this target, he said his party would work tactically up to 60 percent.

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“So we will ramp up the remaining 40 percent by uniting determination and strength at the momentum of the Harlah celebration in Solo,” Hasan said, Saturday, July 22, 2023.

Hasan said that the convening of the PKB day would be a moment of national consolidation for all party cadres. Starting from the level of the syuro board, tanfidziah, regional cadres, to the volunteer node.

“So if yesterday the road was still in fourth gear, then after the thanksgiving Harlah will be able to accelerate into fifth gear,” he said. ()

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