Here’s the response from Barak 08 about Budiman Sudjatmiko’s meeting with Prabowo Subianto, see the review


[ad_1] – The People’s Front or Barak 08 responded to a meeting between 98 activists who are also PDI Perjuangan cadres, Budiman Sudjatmiko and the future presidential candidate (bacapres) of the Gerindra Party, Prabowo Subianto.

Barak 08 is of the view that every citizen has the right to associate, assemble, and express opinions because it is protected by law.

“Similarly with political choices and attitudes. Citizens have the right to associate, assemble, and express opinions. Because it is protected by law,” said the Secretary General of Barak 08, Chalid Tualeka.

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Just to note, Barak 08 has a background in the network of 98 movement activists and reforms spread across 14 provinces in Indonesia.

Until now, they are still active in providing community assistance such as assistance to workers, farmers, urban poor, and other marginalized groups.

Chalid Tualeka added that the steps taken by Budiman Sudjatmiko to meet Prabowo Subianto were commonplace in a democracy.

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That’s because anyone has the right to have discussions without being restricted.

According to the Secretary General of Barak 08, anyone and from any group is welcome to join and support Prabowo Subianto to become President in 2024.

“The step taken by Budiman Sudjatmiko to meet with Prabowo Subianto is the attitude of an open-minded politician,” he said.

So he continued, if the former chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PRD) is right and wants to join the volunteers to win Prabowo Subianto, then say it emphatically not just looking for a stage and sensation. In this way, its bias is measured.

“We also address this call to other activist friends who have not declared their membership yet, to immediately declare and support their political stance without shame,” he said.

“Barak 08 invites all activists across generations and elements of society to join the big house of the people’s line to win Mr. Prabowo Subianto to become President of the Republic of Indonesia 2024,” he said.

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