Adding the Criteria for His Candidate Criteria, NasDem Calls Anies Inconsistent!


[ad_1] – Presidential candidate Anies Baswedan added the criteria for his running mate in the 2024 presidential election.

The NasDem Party, as the party supporting Anies, admitted that he was both surprised and furious at the attitude of the former governor of DKI, which was considered inconsistent with continuing to add to the criteria for cawapres.

He considered that Anies only seemed to want to match the criteria for a cawapres according to himself.

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“Yes, that means, at first I was also confused with Mas Anies. Every day, the criteria are changing,” said Deputy Chairperson of the NasDem Party Ahmad Ali, Saturday 22 July 2023.

According to Ali, with Anies’ inconsistency, it is only natural that the Democratic Party considers Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (AHY) to fit the conditions set by Anies.

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He thinks Anies is just looking for justification to find the candidate for the vice president. In fact, said Ali, the criteria for cawapres fall under the authority of supporting political parties.

“Personally, I want to find justification to match the person he wants. Period. And I just feel weird, don’t I,” he said.

“So when you first have three criteria, add two criteria, in four months what are the criteria, right? Instead of being heard by people, just announce that you have chosen someone like that,” Ali added.

Previously, Anies revealed one additional condition out of the five requirements for his running mate in the 2024 presidential election. The new criteria set by Anies are not having problems and being brave.

He considered the criteria for the cawapres not to have a very important problem. Anies believes that someone will easily stumble in a political career if they have problems in the past.

“Because if there is a problem it’s easy to stumble right now, so the criteria is 5, but maybe the criterion is 0, because it turns out to be a very important factor,” said Anies. ()

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