The Spirit of Hijrah Has Taught How to Avoid Choosing a Leader from Dirty Political Practices

0 – Doctor of Government Science at Padjadjaran University with cumlaude predicate Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) as well as Head of the Arts, Culture and Creative Economy (Ekraf) DPN National Wave of the People (Gelora) Indonesia said, the spirit of hijrah has taught Muslims how to avoid dirty political practices in choosing a leader.

“So in fact this hijrah event was not only to avoid the killing of Rasulullah SAW from the Quraysh. But it was an initial form of obedience from Rasulullah SAW to Allah SWT, that Allah SWT had a grand design regarding a large country,” Deddy Mizwar, Thursday 20 July 2023.

According to Demiz, by obeying obedience to Allah SWT, Rasulullah SAW finally avoided the dirty practices of the Quraysh. In Medina, Rasulullah SAW finally managed to build strength and become a big country outside of Mecca, whose authority we know extends to Europe.

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“Then, what about the democratic situation in Indonesia, can we possibly avoid dirty politics in the 2024 Presidential Election. Allah SWT already has a grand design and our future leader, already has a name on Lauhul Mahfudz,” he said.

The actor who plays General Naga Bonar assesses the importance of an awareness from the candidates who are contesting the 2024 Presidential Election to make the spirit of migration a spirit to carry out a revolution from dirty political efforts.

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“Leadership is a mandate and a provision from Allah SWT whereby our leader is already in Lauhul Mahfudz. This awareness of obedience will give birth to a just leader in building the nation. If this spirit of migration does not exist, it can mess up our nation and our country,” said Demiz.

Demiz is of the view that power basically takes a leader to hell, if he becomes a leader who is not trustworthy. However, when he becomes a just leader, it is this leader who will first open the doors of heaven.

“If power is just choosing leaders without the spirit of hijrah, whether it’s electing the President or electing people’s representatives, the goal is obedience to Allah SWT. One of those obediences is to avoid dirty political practices,” said the former Deputy Governor of West Java.

Demiz reminded that the current presidential candidates (bacapres), don’t try to become leaders of a country, if they don’t have the spirit of hijrah as taught by Islam.

“The gates of heaven were opened for the first time, not for the clergy, but for fair leaders. If the leaders are unfair and don’t have the spirit of hijrah, maybe the voters will also be dragged down, going to hell together,” he explained.

The Head of the Gelora Party’s Cultural Arts and Creative Arts Division then gave an example of the process of selecting Umar Bin Khotob as Caliph. Where all the friends pushed Umar to become a leader, because he was considered better than the others.

“Because all of these friends know the weight of the mandate that will be borne as a leader, because he will go to hell first. That power, in essence, expands our area of ​​worship, causing us to go to heaven or hell,” he said.

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