The driving mode that can be dangerous for the driver is to use sharpened umbrella fingers


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One of the driving modes that can endanger the driver is using sharpened umbrella fingers.

The perpetrators used sharpened umbrella fingers.

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Later, the tacks were attached to a sandal.

“He used umbrella fingers that were sharpened until they were sharp and stuck in his sandals. During a traffic jam, the victim’s car was approached and it would penetrate the car tires because he would run over a nail, “explained the person who recorded the video.

When the victim’s car runs over a nail mine, the victim’s car tires will be damaged.

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When the victim repaired a flat tire, the perpetrator immediately took action.

“So just follow it until the tire is punctured and for sure (the victim) will change the tire. When changing the tires, the perpetrators acted,” concluded the video recorder.

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