The DKI Jakarta DPRD PDIP Faction Imposes Sanctions in the Form of a Stern Warning to Member of the DKI DPRD, Cinta Mega


[ad_1] – The DKI Jakarta DPRD PDIP faction imposed a sanction in the form of a stern warning to a member of the DKI DPRD, Cinta Mega, after playing a game in the plenary meeting room.

Cinta Mega also accepts the sanctions imposed on her by the faction.

“I apologize with all my heart,” said Cinta Mega.

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Cinta Mega also confirmed that she would receive a stern warning from the PDIP faction.

The member of Commission C DPRD DKI Jakarta also admitted that he was ready to face the sanctions he received.

“I received a stern warning from my faction,” he said.

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Previously it was reported, the PDIP DPRD DKI Jakarta faction sent a stern warning to Cinta Mega. A stern warning was issued in the aftermath of Cinta Mega playing games in the plenary meeting room which caused a commotion.

“Today we have a leadership meeting in order to follow up on this clarification. The results of the follow-up are, first, I convey to friends that due to yesterday’s incident, the PDI Perjuangan faction of the DKI DPRD gave strict sanctions, gave a strong warning to the person concerned, namely Mrs. Cinta Mega, because Mrs. Cinta Mega had done something that should not have been done at a plenary meeting, in the plenary meeting room,” said F-PDIP DPRD DKI Jakarta Chairman Gembong Warsono.

Gembong conveyed that the decision would be forwarded to the DPD PDIP DKI Jakarta.

PDIP DKI will follow up with concrete sanctions.

“For this incident, I as the head of the faction will report the results of the actions that we held today to the DPD of the party, and then we will submit them to the DPD of the party,” he explained.

Gembong believes this strong warning will be seriously followed up by the DPD PDIP Jakarta.

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