Response of the Head of the Defender NGO, Doni Hendaru Regarding the Polemic of a Couple of Dogs Luxurious Party Up to Hundreds of Million

0 – Head of the NGO Animal Defender, Doni Hendaru, said what the owners of the dogs Luna and Jojo did was an expression of affection.

Because they already consider their pets as family members.

Therefore he judged there was nothing special about holding a lavish party worth hundreds of millions.

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“From my point of view regarding animal welfare, as long as it is not carried out in the corridor of torturing and not in vain for the dog’s life, it is safe,” Doni added to BBC News Indonesia.

“So when it comes to money, as long as you use your own money and don’t commit a crime, there’s no harm in it.”

“Because affection has different parameters.”

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He can also ensure that even if the wedding party is attended by many people, the owner is quite concerned about animal welfare because he also involves veterinarians there.

Meanwhile, regarding the luxurious treatment of pets, said Doni, a party that was held some time ago is nothing new.

A friend of his even bought a villa in the Puncak area, West Java and another bought a house complete with nurses and equipment for animals.

“If you see that the party is very serious, I think netizens should be more relaxed. Besides, what’s wrong with having fun with the animal unless someone is tormented by the animal.”()

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