Reaps Dozens of Victims, Like This Chronology of the Case of Anthrax in Dudu Jati, Gunung Kidul


[ad_1] – The Gunung Kidul Agriculture and Animal Health Service (DPKH) revealed a chronology related to the findings of anthrax or anthrax cases in Jati Village, Candirejo Village, Sumanu.

Retno Widyastuti, Head of the Gunung Kidul DPKH Animal Health Division, revealed that her party only learned of anthrax cases from residents’ statements on June 2.

According to the story received, three cows died in mid-May 2023. One of them had been asked to be buried, while the other two were not found.

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It was revealed that residents dug up the graves of cows that died suddenly to consume their meat.

Likewise with the other two cows that also died suddenly, the residents also consumed them even though they were not buried. As a result, symptoms of health complaints appeared in late May, which eventually led to death in early June.

The team from DPKH Gunung Kidul quickly responded to this report, however, because there were no carcasses left, the officers could only take soil samples from the cattle slaughtering site for laboratory examination.

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Slaughter sites were also doused with formalin three times since June 3. A total of 77 cows and 289 goats were given antibiotics, and around June 20, they were given vaccines.

According to the results of the last inspection on June 17, the soil sample tested positive for anthrax.

It is planned that soil samples will be taken again for the latest examination. Meanwhile, the Head of DPKH Gunung Kidul, Tibawanti Wulandari, stated that some of the cows were purchased from outside the area, while some came from local Jati.

After a thorough examination, a total of 6 cows and 6 goats from Pendukuhan Jati tested positive for anthrax infection.

DPKH Gunung Kidul immediately took steps to localize and limit the movement of livestock from Jati.

This step was carried out since June 2, after the case finding report was received.

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