‘REALLY TEGA’! A Man in Cakung, East Jakarta, Allegedly Burned His Wife and Two Children Alive



BONSERNEWS.com – Tega, a man in Cakung, East Jakarta, allegedly burned his wife and two children.

Now, the perpetrator has been caught by the police.

Previously viral on social media, a post was quoted, on Sunday (2/7/2023), his wife and two children had been rushed to the hospital.

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The wife looked limp in a hospital bed with burns.

Meanwhile, her two children are also being treated. One of his children was seen moaning in pain while being treated by the hospital.

In the upload, it is narrated that there was a fight between the perpetrator and his wife.

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Then, the perpetrators poured gasoline on the victim and set it on fire. The fire also grabbed her two children.

Regarding the incident, East Jakarta Metro Police Chief Kombes Leonardus Harapantija Simarmata confirmed the incident.

“It is true that the East Jakarta Police have handled it and the perpetrator has been detained,” said Leonardus.

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