Menpora Dito Ariotedjo Fulfills the Attorney General’s Call Regarding the BTS Corruption Case Bakti Kominfo, See the Reviews

0 – Menpora Dito Ariotedjo was summoned by the Attorney General’s Office regarding the BTS Bakti Kominfo corruption case.

Menpora also denied receiving billions of money as alleged.

“Yes, for sure, what I have read. Today I only read what was accused in a media. Because I have never met, never knew, let alone accepted,” said Dito Ariotedjo.

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Dito Ariotedjo will fulfill the Attorney General’s summons this afternoon.

He said today was the momentum for him to convey clarification regarding the allegations in the Kominfo BTS case.

“That’s why I’m also happy to be able to come to the Attorney General’s Office. Because last week I was from Berlin, so I didn’t have time and immediately went on a long weekend on national leave. So today is the official forum and a very good momentum for everyone,” he said.

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Dito Ariotedjo also said that he had reported to Minister of State Secretary (Mensesneg) Pratikno to appear at the AGO this afternoon.

He said he did not want to interfere with national issues.

“I’m afraid it could interfere with national issues,” he said.

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