Presidential Candidate Anies Baswedan Hopes The 2024 General Election Can Continue With Full Integrity, Check Out His Reviews


[ad_1] – The name of the presidential candidate (Bacapres) carried by the Coalition of Change for Unity political party, Anies Baswedan, responded to President Joko Widodo’s statement that he would not be neutral in the upcoming 2024 general election.

According to Anies Baswedan, many parties expressed concern about this statement. However, Anies hopes that this is just a concern and the election can continue with integrity.

Anies Baswedan said that many parties expressed their anxiety about President Jokowi’s statement that he would take a stance not to be neutral and would act as a cawe in the upcoming 2024 election.

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According to Anies Baswedan, many parties are concerned about the potential for criminalization and possibly unfair treatment of election participants, from legislative candidates to presidential candidates.

“We hope that the concerns that were expressed earlier are not true, they are just concerns and in reality we hope that the General Election will remain as before, the Presidential Election will remain as before,” said Anies Baswedan.

Anies Baswedan believes that every political party has the same right to nominate and every candidate has the same right to campaign and get the same treatment.

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Likewise, every presidential candidate has the same rights and election organizers also hold elections in a fair, good and neutral manner.

“So we hope that these concerns are not true and instead what is happening is a good implementation that is in accordance with the principles of democracy, honesty, fairness,” he added.

Anies Baswedan also invited all people to jointly welcome the 2024 democratic party as part of ensuring that the future of our nation is getting better step by step.

He also said the coalition for change remains solid and remains focused on the basic agenda of solving poverty problems, solving inequality issues and presenting justice and ensuring that there is equality and opportunity for all parties and preparing wider employment opportunities in all places.

“We all continue to focus on these themes and we are sure that tomorrow’s election will be a place for contesting ideas, contesting track records and contesting programs,” he said.

Furthermore, Anies also stated that the coalition for change for unity is increasingly optimistic and solidity will be maintained for the journey ahead.

“I invite all party cadres and volunteers to let’s keep working, let’s increase enthusiasm, confident that our endeavors for the good of society for a better Indonesia will pave the way for success, optimism and maintain the spirit of maintaining solidity,” he concluded. ()

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