Pity! FEB UI Students Given an E Score in All Subjects Due to Caught Cheating During Examinations



BONSERNEWS.com – Students of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia (FEB UI) are subject to strict sanctions due to being caught cheating.

This sanction was given by the campus after it was discovered that there were FEB UI students who were caught cheating during exams.

The unnamed FEB UI student was found to have cheated during the even-numbered Final Semester Examinations (UAS) and Mid Semester Examinations (UTS).

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Through Economica, one of the autonomous bodies at FEB UI, three forms of integrity violations were found.

This was also confirmed by representatives from the FEB UI Education Bureau, Sudarji and Devi Sefutri that the violation was true.

Indeed, at this time we found three (misconduct), UTS one (misdemeanor), and UAS two (misconduct),said Devi as reported by Economica.

The violation was carried out in the form of using a translator with a mobile phone in the Literacy in Language and English (LDBI) course.

In addition, the violation also occurred during the management accounting exam where the perpetrator inserted a cheat sheet during the exam.

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The perpetrator also committed an offense by using a calculator on his cellphone in a financial mathematics course.

Because of this behavior, the perpetrator was then given strict sanctions by giving an E grade in all courses in the current semester.

The sanction refers to the Dean’s Decree No. 114/H2.F6.D1/HKP.02.04.SKD/2013 contains provisions for academic sanctions for cheating in exams.

The decree stated that FEB UI students who were proven to have cheated or collaborated would be given an E in all courses in the current semester.

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