LOVE IT! President Jokowi and Prabowo Subianto Have Lunch Together, Here’s PDI P’s Response See the Reviews


[ad_1] – Chairman of the PDI Perjuangan (PDI P) DPP Said Abdullah assessed President Joko Widodo (Jokowi)’s meeting with Prabowo Subianto as a normal matter.

He saw the second meeting with the joint lunch agenda more like a meeting between the President and the minister.

“Oh yeah (ordinary meeting), yes this person is the president and the minister of defense, really. Now when it comes to closeness, right, the Minister of Defense in Jakarta, Mas Ganjar from Central Java. Which means which one is closer? Central Java is farther away, ha-ha- ha…” he said.

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According to him, Jokowi as head of government is certainly the center of everything.

But he did not want to interpret further about the meeting between the two.

“Yes, regarding the meeting between the President and the Minister of Defence, it’s the same when Pak Ganjar went all the way from Semarang to meet the President, the same. The President as the head of government is the center of everything, so we can’t interpret it from right to left,” said the DPP chairman. PDIP Said Abdullah.

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Nevertheless, he emphasized that the PDI P’s belief, namely Jokowi, still sided with the PDI P presidential candidate Ganjar Pranowo.

“What I can interpret is that the president, God willing, as a person, as a cadre, will side with Ganjar Pranowo. For what reason, at the party’s national meeting it is clear that a future leader who has courage and guts is Ganjar Pranowo. What do you want to interpret, especially Mr Jokowi’s statement,” said The chairman of the DPR RI Budget Agency (Banggar).

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