One of the Rujak Buah traders stated that he does not charge additional fees for buyers who use QRIS


[ad_1] – Bank Indonesia (BI) has set a QRIS Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) of 0.3 percent for micro businesses starting July 1, 2023.

However, merchants are prohibited from imposing such fees on buyers.

How do traders respond to the QRIS tariff?

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A fruit salad seller in Tebet, South Jakarta named Titis, stated that he would not charge additional fees to buyers using QRIS.

He explained that there is no difference between paying via QRIS and using cash.

“I see on social media that there is an increase in the QRIS tariff, but we don’t charge additional fees to buyers, it’s the same. We are the ones who bear the discount,” said Titis.

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Titis also revealed that the cost reduction had no significant impact on his income.

According to him, buyers still tend to pay using cash.

“It doesn’t matter, because buyers sometimes pay using cash, sometimes using QRIS,” he said.

On the other hand, a fried food seller in Tebet, South Jakarta named Deril, admitted that he did not know the exact QRIS rate for micro businesses.

However, he stated that administration fees are usually discounted when selling online through other platforms such as GoFood and GrabFood.

“People say it’s going up (QRIS rates), I don’t know the details. But at GoFood there is usually a discount,” said Deril.

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