Regarding the Golkar National Conference Issue, Firman: It’s a Misleading and Misleading Idea!

0 – Deputy General Chairperson of the Golkar Party, Firman Soebagyo, said that responding to a statement by a group of people claiming on behalf of the Council of Experts and the Golkar Party mass organization that they had urged the Golkar National Conference to be held in order to overthrow the General Chair of the Golkar Party Airlangga Hartarto was an individual and irrational attitude.

“That the Munaslub was initiated by a group of people is a “crazy” or misleading idea,” he told journalists, Saturday 15 July 2023.

Firman said that his party adhered to the statement submitted by the Chairman of the Council of Experts, Agung Laksono, that in the recommendations produced by the plenary session of the expert council, it was stated that there was no recommendation from the Munaslub.

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This DPR member also admits that he has smelled the idea of ​​the munaslub for a long time and it is not new every time it is rolled out by a group of people because they have certain interests.

“We regret that there are still cadres who claim to be senior Golkar cadres but do not understand the rules and organizational mechanisms. On the contrary, their statements actually caused political uproar within the party and were challenged by all regional leaders of the Golkar party throughout Indonesia because the statements were considered very provocative and would undermine the solidity of the party. There are only a few months left to face the election,” he said.

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Moreover, the legislators for the Central Java II electoral district covering Rembang, Pati and Gerobogan regret that there are still party cadres who are still dancing on other people’s drums, even though they are the ones who want to destroy Golkar from within.

Firman again admitted that there were stowaways from outside groups who wanted to take advantage of the Golkar party cadres to destroy this party from within and that it was a group of pragmatic cadres.

“Therefore, we urge that the Chairman of the Ethics Council of the Golkar Party must immediately take firm steps to warn these cadres,” explained the member of the DPR Baleg.

For the General Chair of the Golkar Party, Airlangga Hartarto has received full attention from the National Conference decision and strengthened the Rapimnas decision to determine political attitudes and make the best decisions in the nomination of President and Vice President must be guarded and secured. Hartarto is still the presidential candidate from the Golkar Party.

“Therefore, we, as party cadres on all fronts, must secure the highest party decision made by the National Conference,” he said.

Firman also emphasized that the cadre’s violation of not carrying out and securing the Party’s decision had consequences while giving an example that in the 2004 election he and friends such as Fahmi Idris, Burhanudin Napitulu, Anton Lesiang (all of whom had died and several other cadres were fired from party members because opposed and against the decision of the DPP Golkar Party at that time and this was not a joke Golkar still upheld the PDLT principle (achievement, dedication, loyalty and not reproach).

“So we want to remind all ranks of party cadres to be aware of the consequences of their actions and actions,” said Firman who is also a Member of Commission IV of the DPR.

So, said Firman, the idea of ​​the Munaslub no longer exists and it is time for all Golkar cadres to put forward their bigger interests, namely the interest of winning this party in the 2024 elections for both the legislative and presidential elections.

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