OJK data, many DKI and Javanese people use loans to support business and daily life



BONSERNEWS.com – Online loan services (Pinjol) or fintech lending are still the people’s choice. This is based on data from the Financial Services Authority (OJK), the number of loan users has increased

The Financial Services Authority (OJK) noted that DKI Jakarta residents still owe IDR 10.35 trillion in online loans (pinjol) in April 2023. This figure is down 3.9 percent from March 2023, IDR 10.79 trillion.

Quoting OJK data, Monday, 3 July 2023 in DKI Jakarta, active loan recipients reached 2.38 million user accounts as of April 2023. The active loan recipients increased from March 2023 of 2.34 million.

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However, when compared to April 2022, active loan recipients in DKI Jakarta have fallen from the previous 2.67 million.⁣

In addition, the outstanding loan or loan amount reached IDR 10.35 trillion as of April 2023. The loan amount was down by around 4.2 percent from the March 2023 period of IDR 10.79 trillion.

Meanwhile, when compared to April 2022, the number of loans from Jakarta residents has increased. In April 2022, it was recorded that the loans of Jakarta residents were only IDR 9.94 trillion

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Apart from DKI Jakarta, the largest number of loan users is in West Java. The number of loan users in West Java has reached IDR 13.7 trillion from 4.68 million user accounts as of April 2023.

The loan amount increased slightly compared to March 2023 of IDR 13.5 trillion. If you look at April 2022, it was recorded that the number of loans reached IDR 9.67 trillion

However, the number of users has decreased compared to the March 2023 period of 4.81 million. Meanwhile, compared to April 2022, it tends to increase, with 3.73 million users recorded

Last April, the default rate or TWP 90 in DKI Jakarta was recorded at 2.94 percent. Unfortunately, this figure is higher than the previous month’s 2.79 percent. The West Java TWP reached 3.6 percent.

TWP 90 is the level of settlement of obligations that are negligent by the debtor related to payments made more than 90 days from the agreed maturity date.

OJK noted that the total unpaid loan debt of the Indonesian people reached IDR 50.53 trillion from 17.31 million user accounts.

Most of the users are in Java, namely 12.88 million accounts with an outstanding level of IDR 39.29 trillion. The TWP reached 3.10 percent.()

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