Man Suicides on Train Tracks in Front of Railfans’ Children, It Turns Out That This Impacts Children’s Psychics!


[ad_1] – A surprising incident occurred on social media Twitter when a number of railfans (railway lovers) were capturing the moment a train passed.

Suddenly, a man committed suicide and slept on the rails of the Central Jakarta Pasar Senen Railway crossing at 9.51 PM on July 8, 2023. An amateur video recording the incident was uploaded by the Twitter account @AkiSukidi2, and quickly gained public attention with more from 229.5k impressions.

The incident sparked a furore on social media, with comments and speculation about the motive and impact of the tragedy.

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Public Reaction and Controversy: When the video of the suicide incident went viral on Twitter, many users were shocked and shaken.

Railfans children who were recording train moments were suddenly faced with a horrific and traumatic sight.

Many people expressed their concern for the children who were direct witnesses of this tragic event, and highlighted their need for support and healing.

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However, this incident also sparked controversy. Several Twitter users expressed their frustration at the person who filmed and uploaded the video, accusing him of a lack of empathy and trying to gain popularity from the tragedy.

Discussions about the ethics and responsibility of social media users have emerged, with many questioning the limits on posting sensitive content and the need to protect the privacy and well-being of those involved in serious incidents like these.

Impact on Local Residents and Train Travel

The suicide tragedy on the railroad also had a real impact on local residents and rail travel services.

The presence of corpses on the tracks affects the operation of the train, causing disruptions and delays. Passengers on the train may experience discomfort and concern over the situation.

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