Is it true that Mega Love is suspected of playing slot games or playing candy crush puzzles? Let’s Kulik His Wealth

0 – Member of the DKI Jakarta DPRD PDIP faction Cinta Mega is in the spotlight and viral on social media because she is suspected of playing slot games during a plenary meeting.

This happened during the delivery of the Acting Governor’s speech on the Raperda on Accountability for the Implementation of the 2022 Fiscal Year APBD on Thursday (20/7/2023).

However, when confirmed, he denied playing slot games during the meeting.

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Cinta Mega said that the game she played was a puzzle game called Candy Crush.

He also played the game before the plenary took place.

Even so, the tablet where he was playing showed a wing accent like in a slot game.

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In fact, the tablet continues to power on when plenary begins.

Looking at the State Officials’ Wealth Report (LHKPN) which he will report in 2022, as quoted on Friday (21/7/2023), Cinta Mega turns out to have assets of IDR 7,640,117,124 or IDR 7.6 billion.

Of the total assets, the value for land and buildings is IDR 7,150,000,000 or IDR 7.1 billion.

The land is spread in the area of ​​West Jakarta to Tangerang.

In detail, the following is a list of land and buildings owned by Cinta:

Land and Buildings with an area of ​​162 m2/135 m2 in the Regency/City of Tangerang City, Rp. 1,700,000,000 (Rp. 1.7 billion) of own proceeds.

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