Here’s How the Pesanggrahan Police Celebrate the Islamic New Year 1445 Hijriah, What Activities Are Done?


[ad_1] – Pesanggrahan Police, South Jakarta, celebrating the Islamic New Year 1445 Hijriah.

The Islamic New Year celebration was celebrated by the Pesanggrahan Police by distributing food to orphans and disabled children.

“This is a form of our gratitude in welcoming the Islamic New Year. We want underprivileged people to celebrate this Islamic New Year with joy,” said the Head of the Pesanggrahan Police, Kompol Tedjo.

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The Pesanggrahan Police Headquarters visited a densely populated settlement in Ulujami, Pesanggrahan, South Jakarta, on Thursday (19/7).

There, the police distributed food to 80 orphans with disabilities.

“We also provide basic food assistance to orphans, disabilities, and Pokdarkamtibmas who help maintain security and order,” he added.

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This activity of distributing groceries was also carried out in order to strengthen relations with the community.

“We want people not to feel that there is a distance from us,” he said.

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