Former Head of the State Intelligence Service, AM Hendropriyono, Denies Himself as a Figure Supporting Panji Gumilang


[ad_1] – The former Head of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) AM Hendropriyono denied that he was someone who backed Panji Gumilang, following news of his closeness to the leader of the Al Zaytun Islamic Boarding School.

AM Hendropriyono explained that he first knew Panji Gumilang in 1999 when Panji Gumilang asked the 3rd President BJ Habibie to inaugurate the Al Zaytun Islamic Boarding School.

“The Indonesian president at that time, BJ Habibie, ordered the Minister of Religion to investigate the Al-Zaytun Islamic Boarding School, which asked for an audience with the president, in order to inaugurate the Al-Zaytun Islamic boarding school, where I first heard of the Al-Zaytun Islamic boarding school,” said Hendropriyono.

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AM Hendropriyono at that time served as Minister of Transmigration and Settlement of Forest Encroachers. At a cabinet meeting, the Minister of Religion who was appointed by BJ Habibie to investigate Al Zaytun Islamic Boarding School, at that time explained that Al-Zaytun Islamic Boarding School had no problems political ideology.

“Al-Zaytun explained that he was led by a man named Panji Gumilang and said that from a political ideology point of view there was no problem, because Panji Gumilang also had sufficient knowledge of Pancasila philosophy and in terms of the curriculum and lessons given by Islamic boarding schools, according to the Minister of Religion at that time there was no problem. ,” he said.

At that time, said AM Hendropriyono, BJ Habibie also came to Al Zaytun Islamic Boarding School to inaugurate the Islamic boarding school. After that, AM Hendropriyono admitted that he never knew how the Al Zaytun Islamic Boarding School would continue.

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Until then, during the reign of the 5th President Megawati Soekarnoputri, AM Hendropriyono was asked to replace the Ketum PDIP to attend the groundbreaking for the learning building. At that time AM Hendropriyono served as Head of BIN.

“I also went there by land, to lay the cornerstone of a learning building whose name is the Doctoral Ir Soekarno building. At that time I first met Panji Gumilang,” he said.

He saw that Al Zaytun Islamic Boarding School at that time was a quite modern Islamic boarding school. According to him, politically ideologically, there is no problem with the Al Zaytun Islamic Boarding School.

“Politically, I don’t think there was a problem at that time, because the President of the Republic of Indonesia inaugurated it, meaning that in its development it is different, of course my knowledge is knowledge of my time, in 1999 I heard the name Al-Zaytun for the first time. And 2001 or 2002 I forgot it was the second time I knew Al-Zaytun,” he explained.

AM Hendropriyono then felt strange if he was associated with the current polemic of the Al Zaytun Islamic Boarding School. Because, he felt he did not have the strength to support Panji Gumilang.

“What are my strengths? If I am still active, I have strength, I am afraid. I think this is because at that time I was the Head of BIN. For an intelligence officer, the enemy of the enemy is my friend and frankly the enemy of the Republic of Indonesia, the NII (Islamic State of Indonesia),” he explained.

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