Leader of the Al Zaytun Islamic Boarding School, Panji Gumilang, sued the deputy chairperson and MUI for Rp. 1 trillion


BONSERNEWS.com – Al Zaytun Panji Gumilang Islamic Boarding School leadership sued Deputy Chairperson of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Anwar Abbas and MUI institutions for Rp 1 trillion to the Central Jakarta District Court.

The lawsuit was submitted by Panji Gumilang’s Attorney, Hendra Efendi in a written statement, Monday (10/7/2023) evening.

“In our lawsuit we describe everything that must be described, and we also demand compensation of Rp. 1 and Rp. 1 trillion for material and immaterial losses,” said Hendra.

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The reason why Panji Gumilang sued was based on Anwar Abbas’s statement, which was said to have accused him of being a communist based on a video clip circulating on social media without clarifying it.

Because of that, Panji Gumilang felt justified, cornered and humiliated by Anwar Abbas’ statement.

In fact, said Hendra, Panji Gumilang said the word “I am a communist” to indicate the greeting of his guest who came from China.

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“The guest from China did not state that he was a Buddhist, Christian or Hindu, but his answer was “I am a communist”. And this answer was conveyed to the students who were leaving Al Zaytun,” said Hendra.

Hendra said that Anwar Abbas should have known what Panji Gumilang meant by saying “I am a communist”.

However, Anwar Abbas is considered to have deliberately discredited Panji Gumilang as a series that is inseparable from the MUI’s efforts which are considered to corner the Al Zaytun Islamic Boarding School.

“That for the reasons mentioned above, we are the legal advisors to the leadership of the Al Zaytun Islamic boarding school who filed a lawsuit against Anwar Abbas and the Indonesian Ulema Council as co-defendants,” he concluded.

Contacted separately, Anwar Abbas responded to the lawsuit filed by Panji Gumilang with a laugh.

Anwar Abbas said that he had not commented on this matter and said that the lawsuit filed was a phase of life that must be passed. “Hehehe, no comment first. Ordinary, that’s life,” said the man who is familiarly called Buya Anwar.

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