Following are the Constraints When Using the Jombingo Application, What Are the Problems? Check out the full review below


[ad_1] – JomBingo is an application designed to participate in collective shopping with other people.

If we look at the working mechanism, in general this application can be said to be safe to use.

After observing, if the invited user is unable to get the item purchased, the money will be returned to the user’s main balance.

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The balance can also be withdrawn back to the bank account.

However, recently in June 2023 there were several irregularities found while shopping on this application.

There are consignment events that just don’t make sense.

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For example, there is a motorcycle consignment event with a price of 6.7 million with a consignment of 2.2 million.

Of course, this doesn’t make sense, because it’s hard to believe that at that price you can make a profit of up to 2 million.

Therefore, with irregularities like this, we suspect that JomBingo may be a money game scheme that is not safe to use.

Many people have the view that JomBingo is a scam.

However, after testing by the admin, it turns out that the products purchased through this application are actually sent.

In addition, after seeing comments from other users, many have recommended this application and found it very useful.

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