Let’s get to know the owner of the JomBingo application, who is suspected of defrauding victims of up to tens of millions, see the reviews


BONSERNEWS.com – E-commerce business in Indonesia is growing. This condition makes new E-commerce continue to emerge.

One of the relatively new E-commerce is JomBingo.

JomBingo is an application made by PT Bingoby Digital Kreasi.

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Martin Wall James as Asia Pacific President of Jombingo Group revealed that JomBingo has advantages compared to other E-commerce.

Among other things, the goods sold at JomBingo are cheap and of high quality.

This happens due to direct contact with suppliers.

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In addition, JomBingo targets the youth segment.

It can be seen from the products sold that most of them are items that will be the target of millennials.

“We are committed to providing added value to customers by offering special products of high quality and affordable prices,” said Martin Wall James.

“JomBingo will control the entire supply chain from production to distribution, so that it can offer customers more guaranteed quality products and more competitive prices,” he said.

“This is expected to increase customer satisfaction and the economic welfare of the Indonesian people,” he added.

Going forward, JomBingo is determined to continue to develop the platform by incorporating elements of local cultural wisdom in Indonesia.

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