Desmon J Mahesa Dies, Prabowo: He at Gerindra Struggled Together from the Beginning


[ad_1] – Deputy Chairman of the Gerindra Party Board of Trustees Desmon J Mahesa died at 04.00 WIB Saturday 24 June 2023 in the early morning at Mayapada Hospital.

General Chairperson of Gerindra Prabowo Subianto remembers the late Desmond Junaidi Mahesa as a figure who together built his political party from the start.

“He at Gerindra has fought with me from the beginning, yes, 15 years,” said Prabowo shortly after giving a prayer for Desmond’s body at the funeral home, Saturday 24 June 2023.

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Prabowo sees Desmond as an activist figure who has provided many services, especially for Gerindra since its inception.

“(Desmond) is a very big activist figure, and has worked to build Gerindra,” added Prabowo.

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“I have already met his family to convey my condolences. I hope they will be strong,” he continued.

Desmond previously held strategic positions in the Gerindra Party. Apart from being Deputy Chair of the Board of Trustees, Desmond also serves as Chair of the DPD Gerindra Banten, as well as Secretary of the Gerindra Fraction of the DPR RI.

The deceased, who was also known as an activist, was deputy chairman of Commission III of the Indonesian Parliament in President Joko Widodo’s first term since 2014.

Desmond was also a representative from the electoral district of Banten II in the 2019 Legislative Elections with 103,837 votes.

Gerindra Party politician Desmond Junaidi Mahesa died at the age of 57 on Saturday (24/6). Based on the information received, Desmond died at Mayapada Hospital, Jakarta.

“Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rojiun, Desmond Mahesa has passed away at Mayapada Hospital Saturday, June 24, 2023,” wrote the information. ()

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