Gerindra: Desmond is one of the best cadres, we feel a great loss

0 – The Gerindra Party expressed its deep sorrow over the death of the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Desmond Junaidi Mahesa. The Gerindra Party extended family feels a great loss over the departure of one of its best cadres.

“The extended family of the Gerindra Party deeply feels loss and deep sorrow over the death of Mr. Desmond Junaidi Mahesa. The deceased was a figure who was known to be very critical in expressing opinions and criticism when chairing meetings at Commission III of the DPR,” said Secretary General of Gerindra Ahmad Muzani at the funeral home. Desmon J Mahesa, Saturday 24 June 2023.

“This critical attitude is of course inseparable from the background of the deceased as an activist who always struggled to voice the aspirations of the people. The deceased was one of the best cadres we had at Gerindra,” he added.

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Muzani also expressed his gratitude for the deceased’s dedication and contribution while fighting for the Gerindra Party. He admitted that he was very shocked by this sad news.

“I am really surprised to hear this sad news. During his tenure as a member of the DPR, the deceased was very active in providing constructive and critical opinions. This is one proof that he did have very high concern for social, legal and social issues. , and politics in our country,” said Muzani.

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Desmond himself currently occupies a strategic position in the Gerindra Party. Aside from being Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Desmond also serves as Chair of the DPD Gerindra Banten. The deceased is also believed to have served as Secretary of the Gerindra Fraction of the DPR RI.

“Hopefully the deceased will be forgiven for all his sins and given a noble place in the sight of Allah SWT,” concluded Muzani.

It is planned that the deceased will be buried at the Al Azhar Memorial Garden cemetery, Karawang, West Java this afternoon. Gerindra Party chairman Prabowo Subianto plans to come to the funeral home to mourn the deceased. ()

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