Come on, let’s get to know the introduction period for the school environment or MPLS, which was known as the school orientation period


[ad_1] – Several regions in Indonesia have already held an introduction to the school environment (MPLS).

For example, the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) and Bali have started MPLS on Monday (10/7/2023) today.

Meanwhile in DKI Jakarta, MPLS starts on Wednesday (12/7/2023).

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For new students starting from PAUD, SD, SMP, SMA/SMK/equivalent levels, of course, you have to understand what MPLS is and the purpose of MPLS.

According to the Ministry of Education and Culture’s Middle School Directorate for Research and Technology, this is an explanation of MPLS, its meaning, purpose and scope.

Of course, school is a fun place to learn and play.

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A pleasant atmosphere can be created when all school ecosystems are involved in learning that is meaningful, useful and relevant to the needs of society.

Interactions born from schools must also support the growth and development of students in facing the challenges of the times.

The introduction to the school environment is an initial laboratory for introducing the nature of the school to students.

It’s just that, during the introduction of the school environment, violent practices, hazing, bullying also appeared for reasons that were not justified and were far from the essence of education.

If in the past the term was the School Orientation Period (MOS), now it has changed to the School Environment Introduction Period (MPLS).

This refers to the Minister of Education and Culture Number 18 of 2016 concerning the Introduction of the School Environment for New Students.

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